Directions to Local Pubs

All nearby pubs serve a good range of food.  Quality varies as landlords come and go but is generally good traditional fare.

The Brown Cow:  Probably the nearest pub about a mile or so south on the coast road.  A large public bar with side tables but does have a separate dining room which can be good for larger groups.

The King George IV Inn: Also close by further inland along the Birkby road  - right outside the gate then travel a couple of miles, left at the junction the carry on for a bout a mile and you will find the pub.  Recently under new local owners and has a good atmosphere.

The Boot Inn and Brook House Inn: Turn right opposite the George Pub and travel a couple of miles up to boot.  Both of these Pubs are  a good base for walking  - a nice leisurely days walk is from Hinning House along the river up to St Catherine’s church in Boot then stop at the Pub for lunch, take the Ratty railway back to Fisher Ground and then walk back to Hinning House from there.

The WoolPack Inn: Is located further along the road part Boot not far from Hardnott Pass.  A more old fashioned walkers pub with a good atmosphere.

The Bower House Inn: Carry on along the road past the King George Pub, through Eskdale Green and the Bower House is another mile on the left.

The Bridge Inn: Turn left not far past the Bower House and take the road to Santon Bridge.  This  is quite a popular pub locally.

The Screes Inn and The Strands Inn: Turning right just before you reach Santon Bridge will take you up to  Nether Wasdale at the near end of Wastwater  - a picturesque village, further to drive but good for a night out.

The Wasdale Head Inn: Located as the far end of Wastwater this pub is a great retreat after a walk in the nearby hills serving good food.